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- The Equilibrium Line -

Penny Farthing - 36"
A unicycle with a 36" wheel, a small rear wheel and handlebar.Just like they rode in the olden days, but a lot more comfortable due to its pneumatic tyres. Great eyecatcher for riding on Sunday or for special events!
$715.00 - Special order.
Portable Tight Wire
Equilibrium Line - (Portable Tight Wire)
Weighing only 50 lbs this lightweight portable tightrope can be moved easily and comes in 11 pieces and takes 4 minutes to set up. The "rope" is a 10 ft long. 1/2 inch  stainless steel cable, 2ft off the ground.
$655.00 - Special order.
Portable Tight Wire
Aluminum Stilts
Very light aluminium stilts. Rubber feet, foam hand grips.Foldable footrests, adjustable height of handles with aluminium quick-release. Footrests adjustable too, up to 1.80 m.
$120.00/Pair - Special order.

20" Wheel Unicycle ---chrome---28.5" to 33" adjustable seat height---$125.00 - Special order.

24" Wheel Unicycle ---chrome---32.5" to 37" adjustable seat height---$150.00 - Special order.

Giraffe Unicycle ---chrome---26.5" to 37.25" adjustable seat height---$350.00 - Special order.


Rolla Bolla Rolla Bolla---blue--10" x 28"--- $89.00 Special Order. Comes with cylinder. .
Junior Rolla Bolla---red---8" x 23"--- $80.00 Special Order. Comes with cylinder.


No image available
Student Juggling Stick Kits 
Create your own Flower stick and learn how to use it!! 
No special tools required.
Fosters creativity and physical activity
Develops motor skills, concentration, patience and dexterity.

Comes with 24 unfinished Flowersticks that can be custom decorated. 
Includes finished handsticks, 1 DVD and 72 rolls of  tape. 
Classroom Set ... $330.00 shipping included (48 states)



- Flowersticks 

No image available
Additional Student Juggling Stick Kit sets ... $13.50 each
Flowersticks---Popular---27"L---with 18" handsticks---$25.00 per set.

Flowersticks---Original---27"L---with 18" handsticks---black sticky thread integrated into design for more control---$33.00 per set.

- Diabolos or "Chinese Yo-Yo's" 

Arlequino Diabolo Small Diabolo---Arlequino---Small--- Length: 74mm (2 15/16") - Diameter: 2 5/8" --- handsticks included --- $20.00 set


Diabolo---Athena---104 mm - 4 1/8"D x 122 mm - 4 3/4"L, Weight : 200 grams - 7.05 oz -R, G- handsticks included ---$30.00 set

Arlequin Diabolo Diabolo---Arlequin---Medium--- Length: 155mm (4 1/2") - Diameter: 3 15/16" --- handsticks included --- $30.00 set

- Juggling Clubs

Clubs---Beginner's Club ---RYB---$25.00 for set of 3
Clubs---Soft and Safe for beginner---RBG---$40.00 for set of 3

Clubs---MB1 Molded---$45.00 for set of 3-- One piece molded clubs

Clubs---Artist Club---$60.00 for set of 3---RYB set---Great passing clubs!

Clubs---Flip Colour--$85.00 for set of 3---RYB set---Great solo clubs!

- Juggling Bags 

Canasia Juggling Bags Jugglingbags---Cloth - Weight: 60 gr - 20z. --- Set of 3 balls, for beginners---$10 per set

130 gr. Jugglingbags---Beach Primary---RYGB---$7 ea.

This adds 1 single bag to your cart. If you want 3 bags, be sure to enter Quantity of 3 on your shopping cart)


130 gr. Jugglingbags---Primary---2 color---$7 ea.
(This adds 1 single bag to your cart. If you want 3 bags, be sure to enter Quantity of 3 on your shopping cart)

- Juggling Scarves 

Jugglingscarves---40cm x 40cm (15 3/4" x 15 3/4"---Green, Yellow, Red ---$10.00 per set of 3.

- Spinning Plates 

Spinning Plates---9 7/8"---with handstick---R, Y, B, G, lime---$10.00 per kit.
LargePlates Large Spinning Plates---11"---with handstick---R, Y, B, G, lime---$12 per kit.

- Cigar Boxes

Cigar Boxes Cigar Boxes---Wood with flou decoration------$30.00 each

- Juggling Rings 

Large Juggling Rings
Large Rings---Diameter: 32 cm - 12 9/16"---Plastic rings with smooth edges for more comfort---$9 ea.
Junior Juggling Rings

Junior Rings---
Diameter: 24 cm -  9 9/16"---Plastic rings with smooth edges for more comfort---$8 ea.

- Spinning Poi

Spinning Poi---32" Purple and yellow ribbons, double finger loops. Carry bag included. ---$20.00 set

- Training, Instruction and Educational Material 

Flowerstick Booklet---Methodology for beginners---$2.00ea.
Diabolo Booklet---Methodology for beginners---$2.00ea.
Spinning Plate Booklet---Methodology for beginners---$2.00ea.
Ball Booklet---Methodology for beginners---$2.00ea.
Club Booklet---Methodology for beginners---$2.00ea.

- Luminous Collection Section

Clown Nose---red LED---replaceable battery---$6 ea.

- Misc.
Carry bags for various single props ---$2.00ea.

Color preferences will be honored per availability.

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